Age-Defying Skin Secrets from GlamSpirit

I am not a beauty expert, but I am frequently told that I have really good skin. In my experience good skin comes from a wholesome, nutrient-rich diet, 8 hours of sleep each night, drinking plenty of water and keeping my energy body clear.
In addition the beauty regimen listed above, I do have one guiltless (unsolicited, non sponsored) beauty obsession. It’s called SKII. Someone gave me a bottle as a gift and that’s when I and became hooked.

SK-II Facial Hydrating UV Cream

The secret ingredient: Sake. Well, not just sake, it’s actually the fermentation of yeast and enzymes needed to create sake that set this beauty potion apart from the rest.


Here’s the story from SK-II’s website:

For almost a generation, Japanese women have known a secret. This secret was discovered by a Japanese monk who visited a sake brewery in Kobe.

He was surprised to discover that the brewery workers had extraordinary soft and youthful hands. Even an elderly man with pronounced wrinkles on his face possessed the silky smooth hands of a young boy. This observation encouraged the monk to conduct a series of experiments. He eventually discovered a clear, nutrient-rich liquid that could be extracted during the yeast fermentation process. He shared his findings with a group of skincare scientists, who became equally excited by the potential of his discovery.

Before you run off to Japan to go work for a sake factory, consider treating yourself or asking a loved one to treat you to a bottle of SK-II.

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