Tips For Makeup

The best way to know which make up will bring out the best in you and which will not,can only be determined through trial and error method. So, do not hesitate to experimentwith cosmetics and colors until you find the right one for yourself.
Knowing the product range that suits your skin type is very essential.
Do not compromise on cosmetics, you will be applying these directly on your skin and your skin is delicate.You can experiment with different shades of eye shadows and blushers,and plan makeup in a way that would complement your hair color.Getting the right makeup tools is also an important part of makeup. So you must always ensure
that you have make-up sponge, powder brush, blusher brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow tweezers,lip brush and eyelash curlers in your cosmetics bag.
For your eye make up, choosing eyeliners that would suit your eye color would be the best idea.
You can use kohl or kajal to enhance the shape of you eyes. Application of false eyelashes and
eye shadow will enhance the effect.
Never wear make up for long stretches of time. Remember your skin needs to breathe.
If you have to use make up very frequently, have a rigid cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine in place.
This will help to keep your skin firm, and radiant.
While applying any kind of foundation or base make up, use a cosmetic sponge, slightly dampened, to blend it well onto the skin.
Always give all angles of your face a final check in the mirror to ensure that no unnatural lines are showing.

If you are using more than one shade of base make up to highlight the different areas of your face, make sure that the shades are merged well. The two shades should not stand out

Always keep stick, liquid or cream concealers handy. These are great ways of hiding blemishes, scars and dark spots on your face. Apply on the area concerned (under eye regions too) after application of foundation. Finish it off with a dash of powder to give the well blended look

Choosing lip-gloss and lipsticks is another integral part of ensuring you have the correct makeup. Opt for ones which have moisturizers in them to keep your lips nourished. One of the popular lip make up application techniques is to dust your lips with a light powder. Outline your lips with lip liner and use lip brush to fill in with lipstick. Blot over tissue paper to make your lipstick last longer and also to get a matte finish. Choose colors that complement both your hair and skin color. For more hair tips surf the beautytipshub.


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