Ten Anti-Cellulite Must-Have For The Summer

Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer cellular body contouring complex anti cellulite 633 general1 body

La Prairie Cellular Body Contouring Complex – Anti-Cellulite ($135) – A unique complex of key ingredients has been combined with the industry’s most advanced delivery system to achieve optimal results in reducing cellulite’s appearance and fighting its recurrence, while smoothing and restoring body contours. Reduces the size of cellulite-affected areas while inhibiting future cellulite buildup. Improves skin’s firmness and streamlines skin’s appearance, so it looks more toned.

Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer dior plasticity anti cellulite body
Dior Plasticity Anti-Cellulite Corrective Gel For Body
($57) – An advanced body refining treatment,Gives an instant optical effect, Delivers intense smoothing effect in 8 days. Visibly hips are refined and cellulite is smoothed, Effectively makes your body line slimmer.

Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer shiseido body creator aromatic gel body
ShiSeido Body Creator Aromatic Gel ($53) – Instantly stimulating, this lightweight, refreshing hydro-gel glides on smoothly and creates a pleasant cooling sensation on skin. This advanced sensory technology gives an intensely refined, smooth, and defined look to the body. Contains SLM Fragrance, sense-stimulating combination of spices and grapefruit. A lightweight, refreshing hydro-gel that glides smoothly over the body. Instantly stimulating, it creates a pleasant cooling sensation on skin. Absorbs instantly leaving skin feeling silky.
Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer biotherm celluli laser biofibrine body
Biotherm Celluli Laser Biofibrine ($35.50) – Intensive treatment for stubborn orange peel skin and body contours. Smoothes orange peel skin and reprofiles contours. Reinforced with the Biopeeling complex which promotes improved penetration of body-contouring active ingredients.
Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer elancyl1 body
Galenyc Elancyl Cellu Reverse 14 Jours ($28) ??“ a great product with soothing and anti-orange peel effect for embedded and diffuse cellulite.
Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer sisley celluli pro slimming complex body
Sisley Celluli Pro Slimming Complex ($) – slimming treatment that track down cellulite.
Eliminates stubborn fat to smooth out dimpled skin. Refines body contours and diminishes fat deposits. Offers nourishing, moisturizing and revitalizing benefits. The formula strengthens skin firmness and elasticity. Leaves skin softer, smoother and better-toned.
Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer lan sculpturale resculpting body
Lanc??me Sculpturale Resculpting Toning Anti-Cellulite Treatment ($55) – Lanc??me??™s latest anti-cellulite innovation helps reduce the appearance of cellulite while increasing skin tone and firmness. Sculpturale contains Ginko biloba, Caffeine, Escine and Rutin Salts. These ingredients are specially formulated to improve microcirculation* which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Skin appears tighter with diminished orange peel look. After one week – skin appears more firmed and toned.

Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer lierac morpho slim body
Lierac Morpho Slim ($48.50) – an alcohol-free gel serum formulated to address the needs of the most demanding women looking for a product that will both combat the appearance of cellulite and loss of skin firmness. Instantly, skin is enveloped in an invisible film that helps restore its softness and shapeliness. In just 15 days, the look of ???dimpled skin??? is reduced, the skin feels smoother and the figure appears more refined.

Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer estee lauder anti cellulite body
Estee Lauder Anti-Cellulite / Anti-Fluid Advanced Visible Contouring Serum ($52.50) – gives you the sleeker, smoother, more sculpted look you want with our most advanced, comprehensive anti-cellulite formula. Minimizes the visible effects of “trapped” fluid. Reduces the look of cellulite. It encourages skin’s natural peak performance as it works with a natural skin enzyme for a slimmer, more sculpted-looking surface. With continued use, it reinforces skin’s natural support to help keep the look of cellulite from resurfacing.
Ten Anti Cellulite Must Have For The Summer lancaster sunslim body programme body
Lancaster Sunslim Body Programme- Celluli-Burner Tan Booster SPF 15 ($35.50) – Concentrated Sunshape Complex helps refine body contours, target cellulite in the body’s “rebel zones” and smooth skin’s surface as Meditan and the patent-pending Tan Activator Complex boost the skin’s natural melanin levels for the ultimate in sun-ready skin. In addition, broad spectrum UVA/UVB filters protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays


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