The five-minute beauty guide

Channel your beauty regime to look great in a matter of minutes. It’s all about refining your make-up technique for gorgeous results

Make-up starter

Start with a moisturiser with a built-in foundation. Make-up expert Cory Walia says, “Use products that serve a dual purpose. Mineral make-up is the best for that. Use a mineral make-up base powder to effectively cover pigmentation and unevenness. Carry it in your purse. With this as a base, a nice thick aeyeliner and shimmery lip-gloss is the quickest make-up fix for your face.”

Hide tired eyes

If you have dark circles, here’s how you can look alive after a long night. First soothe your fatigued eyes by pressing them with a cool camomile tea bag or chilled cucumber slices. Later, massage in a base foundation and apply concealer on the dark circles. Use a light brush or your fingers to smoothen it out. Hair and make-up expert Ruhi Bindra says, “Use a nice under-eye cream. Ensure you use waterproof eye make-up, specially during the rains as you don’t want your mascara streaking down your cheeks.”

Get ‘Angelina-Jolie’ish lips

For that luscious pout, all you need is a good plumping fix. Line your lips a little outside your natural lipline and fill in with lipstick. Ruhi says, “Use lip tints that not only colour, but moisturise as well.” Remember, lighter lipstick shades will make your lips look bigger. Don’t use very creamy lipstick as there are chances of it bleeding. Use red for instant glamour. Finish with dotting lipgloss on the centre on your lower lip for that bee-stung effect.”

For instant glow

If your skin looks lacklustre, use a loofah in the shower to slough off dead skin cells. Cory gives a thumbs up to naturally healthy and glowing skin, “Exfoliate your skin often, and with time the skin texture and tone will improve.” Apply a shimmery body lotion all over to instantly brighten your complexion. Always use a foundation which is closest to your skin tone. Do not overdo the mascara and kajal part. You can finish off with a bronzer for a delicious, sun-kissed look.

Here’s the five-minute make-up plan:

Firstly, apply a tinted moisturiser over your fresh, clean face.

Eyes: Line your upper lid with a black, brown or dark blue eyeliner to make your peepers look bright.

Brush some luminous shadow over your lid and finish off with black mascara to open up your eyes even more.

Cheeks: Dust some rouge or bronzer over your cheekbones to define and bring out the angles in your face.

Lips: Put on a lipstick to match your dress or simply use a shiny clear gloss to let your natural lip colour show. Apply gloss right on the centre of your mouth for fuller, plumper lips.


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