5 Eye Makeup Tips

5 Eye Makeup Tipsfor a Gorgeous Gaze that Stays All Day Ivy Liu Ivy Liu, Yahoo! Contributor Network Apr 7, 2008 “Contribute content like this. Start Here.” * More: * Quick Makeup Tips * Eye Safety * Eye Makeup Tips * Natural Eye Makeup Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Print Flag Close 10 Helpful? Post a comment These eye makeup tips will give you beautiful daytime eyes in about five minutes. Yes, you do have time to create gorgeous looks with eye makeup that last all day. I’ve perfected these eye makeup tips over many years with my long love affair with makeup. These are the basic eye makeup tips and steps needed to get that perfect sexy daytime look in minutes. Tools Needed: – Eye makeup brush(es) – Neutral base powder eye shadow powder (or face powder) – Brown powder eye shadow – Black eyeliner pencil – Highlighter powder in white or light gold – Black mascara – Liquid under eye concealer (one shade lighter than your face) Eye Makeup Tips #1: Prep your Palette for All Day Color Swirl the eye makeup brush in the base eye shadow. Tap brush to remove excess powder. Sweep the neutral base color across your entire eyelid area. A base powder will prepare your skin to readily accept the pigment of the next eye shadow. This step will make application easier, the eye shadow color will be brighter, and it will stay put longer with less creasing. Eye Makeup Tips #2: How to Apply Eye Shadow for the Daytime Using the same technique in step one, apply a brown eye shadow, starting from the corner (crease) of your eye. Brush back and forth at the crease only to concentrate more color in the corner of your eyelids. Then, lightly blend the line of color across the lower eyelid to get rid of any harsh lines. Repeat with your other eye. Take a step back and check it out in the mirror. If the color is not symmetrical, then adjust the color as needed to make it match. I find that using one brown eyeshadow works well for the day and it’s the best color for most complexions. I use two or three shades only for when I have a little more time for more dramatic evening looks. Eye Makeup Tips #3: How to Apply Eyeliner Use a sharp, soft black pencil eyeliner for a quick way to define your eyes, and to give yourself full-looking lashes. Starting at the outer corner of the eyelash lid, working gently, stroke on a fine line as close as possible to your lash line. The line should get thinner as you go towards the middle to inner corner of each eye.


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